Avocado Green Mattress

Yes, you’ve heard of going green and eating organic when it comes to your food consumption and throw away trash. But, what about your sleeping environment? Did you know that you can invest in eco-friendly practices and sustainable, organic materials when it comes to the mattress you sleep on every night?

That’s exactly what the innovators at Avocado Green Mattress are aiming to do today. They believe that sustainability doesn’t just stop with our everyday consumption. Sustainability extends to the durable items we add to our lives, starting with mattresses.

The Avocado Story

Founded in 2015 through the passion for securing a truly green mattress, one that was made from non-toxic, natural, and organic materials, Avocado Green Mattress set out to make their sustainable consumption affordable at the same time. Admitting to their typical roadblocks, being told that the likes of snake oil and charlatans are really “organic” despite their collection methods, Avocado Green Mattress knew there had to be something more. Today, their mattresses are USA-made, without the toxic flame retardants, petroleum-based polyurethane foam, dangerous pesticides, and volatile chemicals and gases.

Instead, these mattresses are made using 100% natural Dunlop latex, harvested from sustainable tree-tapped sources, natural New Zealand wool, certified organic cotton and an internal, zoned, pressure-point system that comes from recycled steel. Absolutely everything about the mattress is ecologically sound, from the structure to the composition.

The Avocado Sleep Trial

For those interested in testing the waters for eco-friendly sleep, Avocado Green Mattress offers a 100-night sleep trial with a 10-year warranty. The mattress also come with free shipping, in-home delivery, and setup for an additional $99.

Invest in Sustainable Consumption

If you’re interested in the longevity of the planet, safeguarding it for the generations after us, consider transforming your sleep environment into an eco-friendly, organically constructed safe haven, with Avocado-love in mind.

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