Bamboo Bedding Set – Natural Ivory

Bamboo Bedding Set - Natural Ivory

You've probably heard about how soft bamboo is. It's even softer than organic cotton, is lightweight and breathes oh so well.

Ideal for anyone who wants cool sheets and/or regularly experiences night sweats or hot flashes.

Given the flooding of bamboo sheets on the market, we decided to carry this line because it's Oeko-tex 100 certified – that means the manufacturing process is environmentally friendlier than conventional processes.



  • 1 x Flat sheet
  • 1 x Fitted sheet: 31 cm (12″ depth for Twin, 15″ for Queen and 18″ for King)
  • Pillowcase (1 for Twin set, 2 pillowcases for Full, Queen, King sets)

Bamboo sheet sizing

100% viscose from Bamboo

400 thread count   <— one of the highest thread counts available on the market

Of course it's made in China (it grows like grass there) 🙂 and is imported under the watchful eye of a Canadian business who sources only Oeko-tex 100 certified products.

Interesting … A quantitative study was conducted by the China Industrial Centre incubating the sheets for 24 hours with Staphylococcus Aurous bacteria. The results reveal that 100% bamboo fabric achieves a 99.8% bacterial kill!

  • After 50 washes bamboo sheets still have the ability to kill over 80% of bacteria

Care Instructions: Machine wash cold. Wash separately or with like colours. Tumble dry low. Do not bleach.

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