Cancer Is Not a Disease – It’s a Survival Mechanism

Cancer Is Not a Disease - It's a Survival Mechanism

In Cancer Is Not A Disease, bestselling author and internationally acclaimed health expert, Andreas Moritz, proves the point that cancer is the physical symptom reflecting our body's final attempt to eliminate specific life-destructive causes. He claims that removing such causes sets the precondition for complete healing of our body, mind and emotions.


This book confronts you with a radically new understanding of cancer – one that outdates the current cancer model. On average, the conventional approaches of killing, cutting or burning cancerous cells offer most patients a remission rate of merely 7%, and the majority of the few survivors are “cured” for just five years or less. The prominent cancer researcher and professor at the University of California (Berkeley), Dr. Hardin Jones, stated: “Patients are as well, or better off, untreated.” Any published success figures in cancer survival statistics are offset by equal or better scores among those not receiving any treatments. More people are killed by the treatments than saved. Cancer is Not a Disease shows you why regular cancer treatments can be fatal, what actually causes cancer, and how you can remove the obstacles that prevent the body from healing itself. Cancer is not an attempt on your life; to the contrary, cancer is trying to save it. Unless we change our perception of what cancer really is, it will continue to threaten the life of nearly one out of every two people. This book opens a door for those who wish to turn feelings of victimhood into empowerment and self-mastery, and disease into health.

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