Essentia Mattress

Memory foam mattresses don’t have to destroy the environment and contribute to waste build up in our landfills anymore. That’s what one company, Essentia, holds to be true, boasting the title as the only natural memory foam company in the world today.

The Essentia
story is one that hits close to home, being created in the face of cancer. Realizing that his family member had been exposed to cancerous toxins and chemicals working in the latex foam business for years, founder Jack attributed the diagnosis to the daily exposure of harmful pesticides and materials that are lethal for humans to ingest. He went back to the drawing board, and looked for a new kind of memory foam model that existed without the chemicals.

To his amazement, there wasn’t any safe foam options out there.

The Essentia Promise

After extensive research and thinking outside the box, the Essentia brand was born. Encountering setbacks as major mattress platforms weren’t interested in including the natural option on their website, Jack knew he wasn’t going to compromise the natural, organic quality promised in each seam of an Essentia mattress. That’s why the company’s tagline today is: Essentia: more than a brand; a commitment to comfort and quality, without compromise.

Essentia mattresses are made from Hevea milk, the milky white sap that leaks out of Rubber trees, collected much like sap from Maple trees today. Additionally, they go onto use Dunlop latex, a foam that’s derived from the Heavea milk. Combining it with organic essential oils, natural plant extracts, and organic cotton, an Essentia mattress is officially created.

Giving Back

Essentia believes that a brand should be more than the products it produces. As a socially conscious venture, Essentia is embedded in every single participating community, working with local charities, causes, artists, and organizations on their quest to make the planet more socially aware and environmentally sustainable. The Essentia promise is to invest in sustainability, one project at a time.


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