Natural Wool Pillows

Natural Wool Pillows

These pillows are handmade with premium eco-wool batting, then covered in a silky organic cotton sateen fabric.

They are supportive yet soft and come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.

The regular fill is our most popular thickness. For children, we recommend the light.


Grab your natural wool pillow here!


The wool filling naturally regulates temperature to make sure you will never feel too hot!

  • Enhance deep sleep by wicking away moisture and allowing air to circulate
  • Wool is naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, and keeps away dust mites
  • The carded wool retains its loft better than cotton
  • Provides medium firm support to the head and neck
  • Unique garneting technique maximizes longevity and ensures that the filling remains even and smooth

What's Premium Eco-Wool?

  • Wool blend sourced directly from about 20 family farms in Oregon & California, USA. It is the nicest wool we have ever seen – incredibly clean, dust free and virtually vegetable matter free
  • Growers participate in a sustainable wool program and are committed to managing their flocks in a humane, chemical-free, and environmentally thoughtful manner with adopted organic standards
    • Contains no dyes, chemicals or synthetic fill
    • Does not go through a carbonization process
    • Sheep dipping is never involved
    • Handmade in a 14 person manufacturing business based in Washington, USA. They use sustainable practices (like 100% zero waste of manufactured by-products) and permaculture principles (e.g. anything that is too small to use is composted using a vermiculture system – worms!)
    • Made in a chemical & scent-free facilityGrab your natural wool pillow here!


Care Instructions

  • Recommend using a pillowcase for protection
  • Please know that your wool pillow will be very fluffy upon arrival, but will settle over time with the weight and heat of your head. This will not change the support and comfort this pillow provides. This pillow type may settle between approximately 15-30%
  • Machine washable with instructions provided (However, we do not guarantee our wool bedding after it is washed)


Grab your natural wool pillow here!

Made in USA


Standard 20” x 25”:

Light Fill, 25 oz. wool

Regular Fill, 29 oz. wool

Extra Thick, 33 oz. wool

Queen 20” x 30”, Regular Fill, 35 oz. wool

King 20” x 36”, Regular Fill , 40 oz. wool

Natural Wool Pillows

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